Read some of the things my clients have to say about me and having a personal trainer!

I’ve been working out with Lisa the last eight months. She is a great, outgoing trainer. She makes workouts fun and there’s never a dull moment with her. She is always changing up the workouts to make sure I’m working every muscle. She is encouraging and makes you want to work hard and stick with it until the next workout. She has changed my body for the better. I’m stronger and more toned. I’ve worked out for years and never had my arms look the way they look today. She is an amazing trainer!!!”

Tiffany, Lk Stevens

Our trainer Lisa is great! She is fun and helps you achieve the results you are looking for. She has helped my husband lose over 30 pounds. She asks all the right questions about nutrition, is very encouraging, and changes up routines often.  I totally recommend her

Mel, Kenmore

I am very happy with Lisa’s personal training sessions. She is punctual, reliable, and very skilled. I have sciatica issues and she has designed my workouts with that in mind which means I have had no exercise induced sciatica pain at all. I am way stronger and more physically fit in just over 2 months of working with Lisa. I really am very happy with her level of service and professionalism

Sandi, Seattle

Lisa has been a great personal trainer for me. With a nagging back injury from a decade ago getting progressively worse with age, Lisa has worked with me to develop the right routine that is helping me get healthy again. I have only been working with her for the last 6 months, but have seen great improvements to my mobility and back pains! Her experience with rehabilitation has really helped me out.

Ryan, Seattle

I have worked out with Lisa for a little more than one year and I absolutely adore her!  Not only does she hold me accountable and pushes me to challenge myself but she genuinely cares about my health and well being.  She has a lot of enthusiasm for her work and shows so much compassion towards me and our workouts.  Lisa also has an incredibly positive attitude, is extremely knowledgeable and very accommodating with my schedule.  I also love that she is so caring and kind, dedicated to my goals and is so willing to adjust my workouts based on my requests or while I have been rehabilitating from some minor injuries. I always look forward to our workouts and I feel so great afterwards

Julia, Seattle

Lisa’s unique training style provides a supportive encouraging environment that keeps us accountable to our fitness goals.  Her custom fitness program is tailored specifically to our needs and capabilities and is constantly adjusted to match our current performance. One significant difference is being trained in our own home as we don’t miss sessions and saves significant time on our side. I highly recommend Lisa for your fitness goals.

John and Sarah, Bellevue

Lisa is amazing!!!!! I can’t say that enough. I started working out with her just over 3 months ago and within the first month I started noticing dramatic changes in my body. Through my time working out with her, I lost 10 lbs, 5% body fat and 5 inches total.  I came to her wanting to get leaner and toned, and learn new workouts and she absolutely delivered! I look forward to our workouts every week because I know she’s going to work me hard and I’ll feel great afterwards. No workout was ever the same and she continually tested me with higher weights or a more challenging variation of an exercise. I am so happy with my progress and how I feel and look. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone wanting to make a positive lifestyle and body change!

Olivia, Seattle

Working out with Lisa changed my life!  I’m a middle-aged professional (and grandma) who had spent way too many years glued to my laptop, in meeting rooms, and on airplanes.  With Lisa’s unflagging guidance I transformed from couch potato to a backpacking powerhouse!  I am now able to keep up with my super-fit friends on the trail, and can do any hike or backpack that I decide I want to do – freedom!  I owe it all to Lisa.  Starting out with twice weekly workouts at 5AM (a true proof of her dedication) Lisa expertly designs my workouts to challenge me while adapting to my increasing strength.  Every workout is tailored to my needs and abilities on that day.   She couples her enthusiastic encouragement and sincere pleasure in my results with kindness and intuition.  I consider Lisa to be my partner in health and a trusted friend.  I can’t recommend Lisa highly enough!

Kathleen, Bothell

I’ve been with Lisa Hansen Fitness for 4 years.  The workouts are made especially for me! I love the “in person” sessions at my home and its nice during other times when I travel to have virtual workouts with her.  Some of the qualities I have appreciated the most are communication, reliability, encouragement, knowledge of physical fitness (both healthy eating and training) and she makes working out an enjoyable experience!  I’m really happy with my weight and physical strength which has improved significantly over the last 4 years!  I plan to stay with Lisa Hansen Fitness for as long as possible!  Thanks Lisa, you rock! 

Amy, Seattle